Akai S900/950
Floppy Disks


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Northstar Floppy Library for the Akai Samplers

A01. Jazz /Funk Bass
A02. Body Blasts
A03. Male & Female Oos
A04. Royal Octave Strngs
A05. Northstar Harp
A06. Heavenly Harp 1
A07. Heavenly Harp 2 
A08. Heavenly Harp 3
A09. Harp Techniques
A10. Water World
A11. Les Paul Gtr 1
A12. Les Paul Gtr 2
A13. English Horn/Oboe
A14. Bamboo Flutes
A15. Big Brass
A16. Sweet Tenor Sax
A17. Elec. Rap Guitar
A18. Metal Music
A19. Fretless Bass
A20. Steel Guitar
A21. Koto
A22. LA-Fanta Heaven
A23. LA-Breath Tones
A24. LA-Sham Harp
A25. D50 Strings
A26. D50 Brass
A27. Young Chang Grand
A28. Power Tech Drums
A29. Rock Drums
A30. Alesix Drums
A31. Mondo Midi Bass 1
A32. Mondo Midi Bass 2
A33. Latin Percussion
A34. Oberheim Matrix 6R
A35. DX Rhodes
A36. Digi/Acoustic Piano
A37. D50 Amazon Flute
A38. D50 Voices
A39. D50 SC-Fi (3 disk set)
A40. Roland MKS-20 Piano
A41. MKS-20 Vibes/Clav
A42. MKS-20 Rhodes
A43. Linn Drums
A44. Super Jupiter Bass
A45. Super Jup Brass
A46. Music Box/Bells
A47. Stereo Solo Violin
A48. Mono Solo Violins
A49. String Runs
A50. RX-5 Drums
A51. M1 Piano
A52. M1 Strings
A53. M1 Brass
A54. M1 Sax/Dbl Reeds
A55. M1 Voice Pads
A56. M1 Synth Pads
A57. M1 Synth Bass
A58. M1 Bass
A59. M1 Lore
A60. M1 Drums
A61. Mega Marcato Strings
A62. Marcato Violins
A63. Marcato Celli
A64. Orchestra Hits
A65. Jason Miles Basses
A66. Quarterflash Drums
A67. Hammond B3
A68. TR 808 Drums
A69. Electronic Drums
A70. Alesix B Drums
A71. Computer Drums
A72. Hip Drums
A73. Turbosynth Drums
A74. Drumstick Bass
A75. Symphony Strings
A76. Tine Wavescape
A77. Bell Wavescape
A78. Brass Handbells
A79. Orchestra Hits #2
A80. Stacked Trumpets
A81. Autoharp
A82. Celtic Harp
A83. Power B3/Leslie
A84. Distort B3/Leslie
A85. TR-909 Drums
A86. New Pop Brass
A87. Hohner Clavinet
A88. Phil's Minimoog 1
A89. Phil's MiniMoog 2
A90. Full Choir Oos
A91. Orchestra Chimes

Akai S900/S950
Retail Price

$20.00 each

Northstar Special

Any 5 disks

Price includes domestic
shipping via
1st class mail.
If faster shippping
is desired,
please contact Northstar
for details.

Credit Cards

All programming takes
into account the latest
Akai filtering parameters.

All sounds are in mono.

All disks attempt to maintain 
the highest sample rate 
for studio quality use.

Northstar Productions Akai S900/S950 Library is one of the finest.  Transferred from Northstar's Emulator III and EII Library, these disks are incredible!  Brilliant vocals, fat basses, rich strings, sparkling synths and excellent brass compliment all your projects.  Already used by the top names in the music industry, Northstar's sounds will put your sampler in a different category!

We do allow multiple orders of our "5 for $63" Special (10 for $126 and so on).  If your order is an odd number, such as 7, you would pay the special price for the first 5 disks, which includes shipping plus the extra 2 disks at the full $20 price ($63 + $40 = $103.00).

Contact Northstar for complete information, special pricing and speedy shipping details. Northstar accepts VISA, Discover, Amex and MasterCard, or Prepaid Check or Money Order.  (503) 760-7777