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Northstar Floppy Library for the Emax and Emax II

X002. Big Bottom
X004. Jazz Funk Bass
X012. Fretless Bass
X060. Monster Midi Bass
X159. Moog Basses
X190. Plucked Full Bass
X191. NY Synth Basses 1
X192. NY Synth Basses 2
X273. Phil's Moog Bass 1
X274. Phil's Moog Bass 2
X275. Spector Elec Bass

X036. Big Brass
X037. Big Horns
X038. Trumpet/Flugel
X152. E3 Trumpet section
X229. Muted Trumpet
X230. Piccolo Trumpet
X231. New Pop Brass
X249. Bones/Muted Trmpts
X276. Tuba
X283. Proteus Brass

X032. Killer Pop Kombo
X026. Das Orchestar
X027. Das Orchestar 5/9
X028. Das Orchestar 9
X058. Symphonique
X141. Orchestra Hits 1
X142. Orchestra Hits 2
X277. Cheap Trix Stabs
X278. Cheap Trix Orch

X184. E3 Autoharp
X186. Zither Glissandos
X279. Banjo
X280. Banjo Chords
X281. Chinese Koto
X282. India Sitar

X020. Northstar Mandolin
X053. Classical Guitar
X129. Ovation 12 String
X200. E3 Martin Guitar

X010. Steel Guitar
X042. Distorted Lead
X130. Les Paul Guitar
X135. Marshall Lead
X247. Rockman Rick

X005. Northstar Harp
X006. Heavenly Harp 1
X007. Heavenly Harp 2
X008. Heavenly Harp 3
X009. Harp Techniques
X250. Pluck Harp
X251. Struck Harp

X019. Young Chang Grand
X031. Harpsichord
X114. Music Box/ Bells
X198. Bosendorfer
X199. Roland Grand
X286. Casio Grand

X041. DX Electric Piano
X048. Vsw DX-Rhodes
X160. M1 Room Piano
X196. Hollywood Gold
X284. New DX7 Pianos 
X285. Old DX7 Pianos

X001. Fox Pipe Organ
X021. Slow/Fast Leslie
X023. Brass Pipes
X024. Reed Pipes
X025. Full Pipe Organ
X146. Hammond B3 Organ
X197. Power B3 Organ
X287. Distort B3 Organ

X151. Orchestra Cymbals
X182. Orchestra Gongs
X232. E3 Mallet Cymbals

X013. QuarterFlash Drums
X035. Production Drums
X044. Alesix Drums A
X118. 30's Jazz Kit/Sticks
X119. 30's Jazz Kit/Brushes
X120. Alesix Drums B
X121. TR-808 Drums
X128. Vocal Drum Kit
X139. Turbosynth Drums 1
X140. Turbosynth Drums 2
X193. Power Tech Drums 
X194. Acoustic Studio Kit 1
X195. Acoustic Studio Kit 2
X233. NU Rap Kit
X234. Elec Rap Kit 
X235. R8 Latin Kit 
X236. R8 Concert Kit
X237. Lite Rock Kit 
X238. TR-909 Drums
X288. Ghetto Loops 
X289. Heavy Loops
X290. Sugar Loops
X291. Jungle Loops
X292. Shake Jam Loops
X293. Nu Manchester Loops

X040. Metal Music
X133. Waterphone 1
X134. Waterphone 2
X143. Rosewood Marimba
X144. Mazatlan Marimba
X150. Orchestra Bells

X043. Colossal Claps
X127. Record Scratches
X294. Orchestra Perc 1
X295. Orchestra Perc 2

X034. Tablas
X052. Mexican Mix
X153. E3 Tabla Set
X154. E3 Bongo Set
X226. African Combo
X227. Conga /Timbale
X228. Latin Percussion

X017. Royal Octave Strings
X033. Country Fiddle
X057. New String Runs
X059. Mega Marc Strings
X111. Marcato Cellos
X112. Marcato Violins
X113. Solo Violin
X147. Spiccato Cello
X148. Solo Cello
X149. Symphony Strings
X189. Arco Double Bass
X272. Spiccato Sus Strings

X029. LA-Synth Heaven
X030. Fairlight Moods
X051. Softsynth
X101. Minimoog Fat 1
X102. Minimoog Fat 2
X103. Wakeman Minimoog
X104. M-Moog Polysweep
X105. Minimoog Leads
X106. M-Moog Filter Sweep
X107. M-Moog Filtered 5ths
X108. M-Moog Short Leads
X109. M-Moog Square Pad
X110. M-Moog White Noise
X122. Livgren's New Bali
X123. Livgren's Voxorgan
X124. Livgren Turbosynth 1
X125. Livgren Turbosynth 2
X126. Livgren Turbosynth 3
X131. Korg DSS 1-1
X132. Korg DSS 1-2
X136. Arp String Ensemble
X137. Korg Analog Sync
X161. M1 Low Strings
X162. M1 Techno Pop
X163. M1 Fairlite 
X164. M1 Flute Vox
X165. M1 Fairlite Breath
X166. M1 Heavenly
X167. M1 Angels
X168. M1 Breathy
X169. M1 Rock Guitar
X170. M1 Sax Section
X171. Softsynth Piano
X172. Softsynth Brass
X173. Softsynth Bells
X174. S-Synth Harpsichord
X175. Additive Digital Ring
X176. PPG Metal
X177. PPG Tine
X178. PPG Cascade
X179. PPG Tundra
X180. PPG Metal Tundra
X201. D50 Heaven +
X202. D50 Resin Bow +
X203. D50 Bell +
X204. D50 Nail Flute +
X205. D50 Fantasynth
X206. D50 Electric Piano +
X207. D50 Grittar +
X208. D50 Cello +
X209. D50 Organ +
X210. D50 Synth Strings +
X211. D50 Digichoir +
X212. D50 Trumpets +
X213. D50 Horns +
X214. D50 Vibes +
X215. D50 Vox +
X216. D50 Atmosphere +
X217. D50 Ensemble +
X218. D50 Wirestring +
X219. D50 Shaku +
X220. D50 Floot +
X221. D50 X-Mod +
X222. D50 Floot +
X223. D50 Zitar +
X224. D50 Electric Organ +
X225. D50 Horn Pad +
X241. Additive Synth Orch
X242. Softsynth Choir
X243. Softsynth Glass
X244. Soft Orch Strings
X245. Softsynth Horns
X296. Kurzweil 2000
X297. DX7 Tines
X298. DX7 Bells

X011. Bamboo Flutes
X055. Winded Wood
X056. Heartland Harmonica
X116. Afrikan Recorder
X117. South American Pipes
X155. E3 Shakuhachis
X156. E3 Shaku Improvs
X157. Egyptian Arghul
X158. Syrian Midjwiz
X271. Bagpipes
X299. Concertina

X016. English Horn/Oboe
X018. Fat Flute
X115. New Solo Flute
X183. Jazz Alto Sax
X239. Bari/tenor Sax
X240. Clarinet
X246. Tenor Sax
X252. Piccolo
X253. E3 Oboe
X254. Bassoon

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Credit Cards

X003. Male & Female Oos
X022. Airy Oos
X047. Male Studio Ahs
X145. E3 Male Oos
X255. Rock Screams
X300. Female Oos
X301. Female Ahs

X068. Happy Kids
X075. Walking Mad
X256. Heartbeats

X076. Dog Day Afternoon
X091. Jungle Time
X248. Farm Animals
X257. Jungle Animals
X258. Horses

X046. Industrial Gears
X063. Joe's Garage #1
X064. Joe's Garage #2
X065. Joe's Garage #3
X067. Shop Talk
X259. Cameras
X260. Clocks

X054. Hydroelectricity
X083. Shop Construction
X084. General Construction
X085. Street Construction
X088. Lumberjacks
X261. Pile Drivers

X014. Body Blasts
X089. Bullets And Bombs
X092. War Games
X262. Big Guns

X066. Fireworks
X070. Window Break
X095. Tree Falls
X263. Earthquakes
X264. Fire

X185. Comedy Club

X039. Space Glass
X094. Dust Warrior

X187. Crowd Capades
X188. Laughs & Applause
X265. Big Applause

X072. Slot Machine
X266. Sports Stuff

X049. Breakfast USA
X069. Tiny Tots
X071. Yardwork
X074. Major Appliances
X077. Early Riser
X087. Phone Fun
X267. Telephones

X061. Office Space
X097. Banker's Life

X050. Power FX
X062. Police Talk
X073. Media Sound FX
X086. Synthesized Naturalize
X096. Video Madness
X268. Sirens

X079. Jet Fire
X269. Jet Landing

X078. Mass Transit
X081. Freight Trains
X090. Squeals And Skids
X093. River Steamer

X045. Water World
X080. Waterfalls
X082. Faucets And Pours
X270. Ocean/SeaGulls

X015. Winter Wind
X098. Thunderstorms
X099. Big Thunder & Rain

Northstar Productions Library for the E-mu Emax with 301 disks is one of the largest.  The one megabyte banks are compatible with Emax I or Emax II.  Brilliant stereo vocals, fat basses, rich strings, sparkling synths and excellent brass and great sound effects compliment all your projects.  With an average number of 40 presets per disk, the possibilities are endless.

Contact Northstar for complete information, special pricing and speedy shipping details.  Please specify your order as Emax I or Emax II to receive the correct version of software.  Northstar accepts VISA, Discover, Amex and MasterCard, or Prepaid Check or Money Order.  (503) 760-7777