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Northstar Floppy Library for the Emax II

XG001  Yamaha Grand Piano
XG002  Male Vocal OOs
XG003  Marcato Violins
XG004  Marcato Celli
XG005  Stereo Solo Violin
XG006  Hammond B3
XG007  Martin Guitar
XG008  Stereo Flute
XG009  Fox Pipe Organ
XG010  Mega Marc Strings
XG011  Bass Combo
XG012  Orchestra Composer
XG013  Rap Composer (808)
XG014  Country Composer
XG015  Northstar Harp
XG016  Shakuhachis
XG017  Brass Handbells
XG018  Quarterflash Drums
XG019  Big Jupiter Synth
XG020  Trumpet Section
XG021  Pop Harp
XG022  Symphony Strings
XG023  Male Ahs
XG024  Stereo Solo Cello
XG025  New Age Cello
XG026  Spiccato Solo Cello
XG027  Pizzicato Cello
XG028  Arco Double Bass
XG029  Hollywood Gold Key
XG030  Power Marshall Gtr
XG031  NY Synth Basses
XG032  Elec 12 STring Gtr
XG033  Tabla Set
XG034  Bosendorfer Grand
XG061  Minimoog Basses
XG062  Phil's Moog Bass
XG063  African Combo
XG064  Fretless Bass
XG065  Pop Composer
XG066  Jazz Alto Sax
XG035  Zither Glisses
XG036  Complete Funk Bass
XG037  Studio Basses
XG038  Orch Mallet Cymbal
XG039  Orchestra Bells
XG040  Orchestra Chimes
XG041  Orchestra Hits 1
XG042  Orchestra Hits 2
XG043  Drum Stick Basses
XG044  PPG Wave
XG045  Complete Woodwinds
XG046  Das FAirlight
XG047  E3 Bell Wavescape
XG048  Heaven Harp G
XG049  Heaven Harp C
XG050  Stereo Autoharp
XG051  PPG Micrometal
XG052  SY77 Digilog
XG053  OBX Filters
XG054  Wavestation
XG055  New SE Synthesis
XG056  Hardanger Fiddle
XG057  TR-909 + Zaps
XG058  New Pop Brass
XG059  Power B3/Leslie
XG060  Distort B3/Leslie
XG067  Stereo Drum kit 1
XG068  Stereo Drum Kit 2
XG069  Romi's Improvs
XG070  Stereo Tuba
XG071  E3 Tine Wavescape
XG072  Proteus 1
XG073  DX7 Pianos

Floppies for
Emax II 
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$60.00 each

Northstar Special
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Any 5 banks
Any 10 banks (40 MB)

Price includes domestic
shipping via
1st class mail.
If faster shippping
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Credit Cards

XG074  DX7 Tines
XG075  DX7 Orchestra
XG076  DX7 Bells
XG077  Kurzweil 2000
XG078  Cool Casio
XG079  Full Choir OOs
XG080  Orch Percussion
XG081  Female OOs
XG082  Female AHs
Northstar Productions Library for the E-mu EII with 507 disks is one of the largest.  Brilliant stereo vocals, fat basses, rich strings, sparkling synths and excellent brass and great sound effects compliment all your projects.  With an average of 12 presets per disk, the possibilities are endless!

Contact Northstar for complete information, special pricing and speedy shipping details.  Northstar accepts VISA, Discover, Amex and MasterCard, or Prepaid Check or Money Order.  (503) 760-7777