Floppy Disks



Floppy Information Pertaining to these Sampler Formats:

Northstar can make floppies of most of its CD-ROM library. While it is generally not cost effective, we will still make these banks available for purchase on floppy, when possible.  To order any sound on floppy, simply reference the name of the BANK on the CD-ROM.  You must specify which CD-ROM it came from, as there are different versions available.  Make your list out.  Then call Northstar to confirm the order.

Because of royalty constraints we can not sell individual banks from any of our Sound FX Banks, including the Wizard I & II, Hollywood Edge, Valentino, or Hanna-Barbera.  We can not sell individual banks from our Grand Gold Pianos, Studio Acoustic Guitars, Russian Masters, Sample It Loops, SampleCell CD-ROMs or Roland CD-ROMs.

We can sell individual banks from our Phase series, New Gold series, Max series, and ZDisk series on floppy on a limited basis.

Presently, Northstar offers the following discounts for large memory floppies:

02 meg banks (individually)
04 meg banks (individually)
08 meg banks (individually)
16 meg banks (individually)
32 meg banks (individually)
Prices include 1st class shipping