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Northstar Floppy Library for SP12 and SP1200 Drum Machines

S01. Quarterflash Drums
S02. TR-808 Drums 
S03. M1 Drums
S04. RX5 Drums
S05. RX5 Percussion
S06. RX5 Effects
S07. Linn Drums (Rap)
S08. Power Tech Drums
S09. Vocal Drum Kit
S10. Electronic Drums
S11. Ready for World Drums
S12. Acoustic Studio Kit #1
S13. Acoustic Studio Kit #2
S14. Acoustic Studio Kit #3
S15. Alesix Drums A1
S16. Alesix Drums A2
S17. Alesix Percussion 
S18. Hip Drums
S19. '30 Jazz Kit/ Sticks
S20. '30 Jazz Kit/ Brushes
S21. Body Blasts
S22. Alesix B Rap Drums
S23. Alesix B Rock Drums
S24. Alesix B Pop Drums
S25. Turbo Synth Drums 1
S26. Turbo Synth Drums 2
S27. R8 Pop Drums
S28. R8 Rap Drums
S29. R8 Jazz Drums
S30. R8 FX
S31. Tabla Set
S32. Orchestra Hits #1
S33. Orchestra Hits #2
S34. Studio Congas
S35. Record Scratches
S36. Kitchen Rap
S37. Mad Metallic Rap
S38. Latin Percussion
S39. MPC-60 Drums
S40. TR-909 Drums
S41. Drumscapes R&B
S42. Drumscapes Hip Hop
S43. Drumscapes Jazz Ballad
S44. Drumscapes Med Rock
S45. Drumscapes Heavy Rock
S46. Drumscapes Power
S47. Drumscapes Shuffle
S48. Drumscapes Slow Shuffle
S49. Drumscapes Techno
S50. Drumscapes Motown
S51. SR16 Funk Kit
S52. SR16 Rock Kit
S53. SR16 Techno Kit
S54. SR16 Percussion
S55. New Rock Screams
S56. Band Stabs 1
S57. Band Stabs 2
S58. Dirty Loops Ghetto
S59. Dirty Loops Heavy
S60. Dirty Loops Sugar
S61. Dirty Loops Jungle
S62. Dirty Loops Shake Jam
S63. Dirty Loops Manchester


Floppies for
SP12 and
Retail Price

$20.00 each

Northstar Special
Any 5 banks

Price includes domestic
shipping via
1st class mail.
If faster shippping
is desired,
please contact Northstar
for details.

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All sounds are sampled in 16 bit format by the Emulator III or Sound Tools, and digitally transferred to the SP1200 and SP12 drum machines via Alchemy and Drum File


  • All disks contain a short demo sequence
  • Whenever possible all pads will be filled
  • SP1200 disks contain twice as many sounds as SP12 disks, because of the increase in memory
  • When ordering, notate SP12 disk #'s as SP01, SP02, SP03, etc, to differentiate from SP1200
  • SP12 disks come two (2) to a set on 5-1/4" floppies
  • SP12 disks are formatted for Commodore disk drive (SP12 Turbo Version only)

Northstar Productions SP1200/SP12 Library for the Emu drum machine is one of the finest.  Digitally sampled in the Emu EIII in 16 bit format, the sounds are transferred via Alchemy and Drum File to the SP1200/SP12.  Many "live" drum kits, studio kits, drum machine samples, and now rap and dance loops are available.  Already used by the top names in the music industry, Northstar's sounds will put your SP1200 or SP12 in a different category.

Each disk is usually completely full with regard to data.  SP1200 disks contain 10 seconds of sampled sounds, while the SP12 turbo version contains 5 seconds of samples all maximized to fill every possible block of data.  Northstar fills every drum pad whenever possible, as well.  In addition, all SP1200 disks contain a short demonstration sequence.

Contact Northstar for complete information, special pricing and speedy shipping details.  Northstar accepts VISA, Discover, Amex and MasterCard, or Prepaid Check or Money Order.  (503) 760-7777