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SampleCell Volume 1
A CD-ROM for
DigiDesign® SampleCell®
01 Spector Bass 4M
02a Spector Funk Bass 2M
02b Spector Funk Bass 1M
03 NY Synth Bass 4M
04a Bass Combo 2
04b Bass Combo 2M
05 Phil's Bass 4M

06 Trumpets 5M
07 Trumpets 4M
08 Trumpets 2M
09 Tuba (+Improvs) 5M
10 Tuba 3M
11 Tuba 2M

12a Orch Composer 2M 
12b Orch Composer 2M
12c Orch Composer 3M
13a Pop Composer 2M
13b Pop Composer 2M
14a Country Composer 2M
14b Country Composer 2M
15 Orchestra Hits 8M
16 Orchestra Hits 4M

17 Autoharp 4M
18a Banjo 8M (Full)
18b Banjo 4M (Short)
18c Banjo 4M (Chords)
19 Tambura 4M
20 Koto 4M

21 Martin Guitar 4M
22 Blues Slide Gtr 4M
23 Classical Gtr 4M

24 Bosendorfer 8M
25 Bosendorfer 4M
26 Bosendorfer 2M

27 Hollywood Gold 8M
28 Hollywood Gold 4M
29 Hollywood Gold 2M

30 Fox Pipe Organ 4M
31 Fox Pipe Organ 2M
32 Hammond B3 4M
33 Hammond B3 2M
34 Power B3 4M
35 Power B3 2M

36 Mallet Cymbal 4M
37 Mallet Cymbal 2M
38 Concert Cymbals 4M
39 Concert Cymbals 2M
40 Orchestra Perc 4M
41 Orchestra Chimes 4M
42 Orchestra Chimes 2M
43 Orchestra Bells 3M
44 Orchestra Bells 2M
45 Brass Handbells 4M
46 Brass Handbells 2M
47 Latin Percussion 4M
48 Latin Percussion 2M
49 African Combo 4M
50 Tribal/Log Drums 4M
51 Frame Drum/Rattle 8M
52 Wind Chimes 8M
53 Wind Chimes 4M

54 Quarterflash Drums 4M
55 Quarterflash Drums 2M
56 50's Jazz Kit Brush 8M
57 50's Jazz Kit Brush 4M
58 Studio Kit 8M
59 Studio Kit 4M
60 Studio Kit 2M
61 Rap City 2M

62 Symphony Strings 4M
63 Symphony Strings 2M
64 Spiccato Sus Strngs 4M
65 Spiccato Sus Strngs 2M
66 Arco Violins 4M
67 Arco Violins 2M
68 Marcato Celli 3M
69 Marcato Celli 1M
70 Solo Violin 2M
71 Solo Cello 4M
72 Solo Cello 2M
73 Arco Double Bass 4M
74 Arco Double Bass 2M

75 M1 Pads 8M
76 M1 BrassOrch 8M
77a DX7 Tines 2M
77b DX7 Tines 1M

78 Male Ahs 8M
79 Male Ahs 4M
80 Male Ahs 2M
81 Male Ooos 6M
82 Male Ooos 4M
83 Male Ooos 2M 
84 Female Ahs 8M
85 Female Ahs 4M
86 Female Ahs 2M
87 Female Ooos 7M
88 Female Ooos 4M
89 Female Ooos 2M
90 Rock Screams 4M

91a Complt Woodwinds 1M
91b Complt Woodwinds 2M
92 Jazz Alto Sax 4M
93 Romi's Improvs 4M
94 Bolivian Pan Pipes 3M
95 Shakuhachis 3M

SampleCell Volume 1 is a CD-ROM for Digidesign's SampleCell Version 1 (and compatible V.2) for the Macintosh computer, incorporates 105 banks of digital instrumentation.  Built from Northstar's fabulous original library which houses the world's largest original E-mu EIII library, it contains pop and rap, classical and jazz, ethnic and rock instruments.

Volume 1 contains over 400 megabytes of data.  Most banks are 4 and 8 megabyte in stereo, at 44.1 kHz sample rate.  We have included many "light" 2 meg versions which have been sample-rate converted and "mono-ized" for composition use.  Each bank contains approximately 6 instruments with many being velocity-switched for extra realism.  At a retail price of $195, that's about $2 per bank!

Click Purchase This Title, or contact Northstar for complete information and shipping details.  Northstar accepts VISA/Mastercard/Amex/Discover, check or money order. (503) 760-7777.