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A CD-ROM for the
and compatible samplers

Strings, sectional
Symphony Strings  12M
Tremolo+Strings  30M
Arco Strings  5M
Marcato Strings  4M
Marcato/Arco Strings  8M
Spiccato Attack Strings  4M
Mega Marcato Strings  4M
Quartet Strings  24M
Pizzicato Strings  11M
New String Runs  5M
Marcato Celli/Bass  11M
Marcato Viola/Celli  4M

Strings, solo
Violin Solo Full  25M
Violin Vibrato (No Loop)  19M
Violin Straight (No Loop)  18M
Violin Solo  7M
Violin Pizzicato  1M
Violin Spiccato +  27M
Violin Oct Runs  8M
Violin Triplets  10M
Violin Motifs  28M
Viola Solo Full (No Loop) 26M
Viola Solo/Spiccato  19M
Viola Vibrato  8M
Cello Solo (No Loop)  25M
Cello Solo  13M
Cello Vibrato  8M
Cello Spiccato  4M
Cello Pizzicato  3M
Cello Sul Ponticello/Col Legno  4M
ContraBass  6M

Orchestra Brass  14M
French Horns  15M
Small Brass Section  22M
Tuba/Tromb/Trumpet  9M
Trumpet Solo  19M

Flute Section  16M
Flute Solo +  4M
Piccolo/Fife +  6M
Clarinet Solo  7M
Oboe Solo  8M
English Horn Solo  12M
Bassoon Solo  18M

Bosendorfer Grand Piano 20M
Harpsichord Full Manual 23M
Concert Harp 4M
Pluck & Struck Harp 4M
Harp Glissando G 4M
Harp Glissando C 4M
Harp Glissando GM6/G7 4M
Harp Rustles G 4M
Harp Rustles C 4M

Full Choir Oos 6M
Choral Ahs 14M
Full Male Oos 6M

Note: For the larger
banks, a minimum of
32 megabytes of
installed memory
is required

Symphonique is a CD-ROM for the Emulator III/X/ESI/E4 which incorporates 55 banks of digital instrumentation from the modern orchestra.  Pitched solo and ensemble instruments are the focus (Percussion is highlighted in the new, separate "Orchestra Percussion" CD-ROM). This is the hot arranger's toolkit.  Medium and large section strings abound, including string runs.  Detailed multi-sampled solo string, brass and woodwind instruments provide unparalleled realism.  Solo violin samples include accurately timed phrases, patterns and runs for performance sampling.  In addition a 20 megabyte, 7 foot Bosendorfer grand piano and 23 megabyte, full manual 8 foot harpsichord complement the disk.  Wonderful vocal ensembles round out the bank selection.  This is a must-have CD-ROM for symphonic sequencing. 

The retail price is $249.  For those with less memory, the Lite Version has the same number of banks, but none larger than 8 megabytes.  The Lite Version retails for $249 also.

Click Purchase This Title, or contact Northstar for complete information and shipping details.  Northstar accepts VISA/Mastercard/Amex/Discover, check or money order. (503) 760-7777.