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A CD-ROM for the
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Spatial Ambiences
The Void 8M
Myst 8M
Azure 8M
River's Edge 8M
Silica Swirl 8M
Spinning Plasma 8M
Sphere Rotation 8M
Wired 8M
Andromeda 8M
Ayr Traffic 4M
Azimuth 8M
Xanthus 4M

New Environments
Archon 8M
Solar Flares 8M
Solar Flares II 8M
Saturn's Rings 8M
Vortextrues 8M
Rainman 8M
Scannerz 4M
Kinesis 4M
Zephyr 4M
Driftwood 4M
Encounters 8M
Tempest 4M
X-On/X-Off 8M

Orchestral Ambiences
Phophor 8M
Dry Ice 8M
String Thing 8M
Ultimatum 8M

Vocal Ambiences
Circulatus 8M
Uscht Voxstar 8M
Syrenity Vox 8M
Gargoil 4M|
Voxistatic 8M
Voxtonic 4M
Empyrean 8M
C-Sound Choir 8M

Bell Ambiences
Bell Dronze 8M
Bellavista 8M
Impulse 8M
Winter's Breath 8M

Tension Ambiences
Soul Search 8M
Screamer 8M
Life Force 8M
Demon Eyes 8M
Spinal Stretch 8M
Elastic House 8M
Spirit Gum 8M
Jabba Pot 8M
Leviathan 8M
Raptoric 8M
Turbo Vapor 8M

Tsar Perc 8M
Convolved Perc 4M

Industrial Ambiences
Heavy Water 4M
Meta-Dronze 4M
Retraction 8M
Tortion Bars 8M
Wierd Science 8M
Oily Change 8M
Solar Station 8M
Super Lunar 4M
Glyceryl 8M
Torcher 4M
Kool-Down 8M
Brain Water 8M
Sea Scope 8M

Digital Keys
Spectrachord 8M
Meta-Mallet 8M
Carbonik 8M
Spektre 8M
Rev 2 8M
Turbotronix 4M
Krimean 8M
Lizard Voice 8M
Ice Cascade 8M
Xenon 8M
Xiang Reeds 4M


The Wizard II is a CD-ROM for the E-Mu Emulator III/X/ESI/E4, Akai S1000 and Digidesign SampleCell which incorporates 78 banks. It has been described as existing somewhere between magic and light, between music and sound effects. The Wizard II is perfect for film and video, as well as for pro music effects. It follows on the heels of the tremendous success of Wizard I, used in such films as "The Lawnmower Man" and "The Tommyknockers". The Wizard II, developed by Terry Grame of New York who contributed to the development of E-mu's Morpheus and Vintage Keys, has a slightly more musical direction than Wizard I. Many of the sounds were developed using granular software synthesis techniques. Northstar has further engineered and designed the Wizard banks for optimum control. The Wizard II gives you the ability to "score instantly" or create moods at will! In the world of sampled sounds, it is truly unique!

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