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World X 2
A CD-ROM for
DigiDesign® SampleCell®

01. Jordan Gongs 8M
02. Tam Tams & Gong 4M
03. Java Gamelan Gongs 4M
04. Cymbal Screeches 8M
05. Thundersheet 2M
06. Iran Brass Zills 8M
07.  Finger Cymbals 4M

08. African Sugu 4M
09. African Chueshee 4M
10. African Breketa 4M
11. African Gome 4M 
12. African Odunu 4M
13.  Nigerian Beledi 8M
14. Sahara Beledi 8M 
15. Tunisian Bendir 8M
16. Persian Zarb 8M
17. Egyptian Darabuka 8M
18. Syrian Darabuka 8M
19. Turkish Dumbek 8M
20. Iraqui Tar 8M

DRUMS Continued
21. Mungu Hand Drum 8M 
22. Mungu Stick Drum 8M 
23. Zulu Cylinder Drum 8M
24. Tabla Set 8M
25. Tribal/Log Drums 4M
26. Amer. Indian Drums 8M
27. Bongo Set 4M
28. Conga Set 4M
29. Congas, Hand 4M
30. Congas, Stick 4M

31. Ashaka/Ngu Ngu 4M
32. Eastern Percussion 4M
33. Java Gamelan Perc 4M
34. Javanese Percussion 4M
35. Latin Percussion 1 8M
36. Latin Percussion 2 4M
37. Kenyan Double Drum 4M

38. Buzzy Stick 1M
39. Bamboo Rack 4M
40. Frame Drums/Rattle 8M
41. Gourd Rattle 4M
42. Gourd Stick Rattle 8M
43. Peruvian Goat's Hoof Shaker 8M
44. S. American Rainstick 4M

45. Burina Faso Agogo 8M
46. Algerian Quaraqib 8M
47. Israeli Riq 8M
48. Kenyan Tambourine 8M
49. Morrocan Mezhar 8M
50. Tambourine Tree 8M

World X 1 and 2 from Northstar are CD-ROMs for the Digidesign SampleCell I & II which incorporate a total of 96 banks of digital instrumentation.  And with it, you can have the world.  That's right, sounds from all over the world.  World X 1 focuses on pitched ethnic and world instruments . Zhengs, banjos, bagpipes, kotos and pan pipes.  Vol. 2 gets you all the percussion instruments from Africa, South America, the Middle East and India.  All acoustically generated sounds.  No electronics! And at $199 each, that's less than $5 per bank!

Northstar is known for detail and they've left nothing out!  Each bank meticulously sampled with many instruments at multiple velocity levels; all the sampled nuances to capture the real instrument.  Northstar includes many sampled performances of an instrument as well, all to bring the real power of SampleCell to life!

Click Purchase This Title, or contact Northstar for complete information and shipping details.  Northstar accepts VISA/Mastercard/Amex/Discover, check or money order. (503) 760-7777.