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Northstar Floppy Library for the Yamaha SY99 and compatible

SY001. Symphony Strings

SY002. Trumpet Section 

SY003. Male Oos

SY004. Power Hammond B3

SY005. Oboe

SY006. English Horn

SY007. Bassoon

SY008. String Runs Up

SY009. String Runs Down

SY010. Solo Cello

SY011. Arco Double Bass

SY012. Spiccato Sus Strings

SY013. Plucked Harp

SY014. Martin Guitar

SY015. Autoharp

SY016. New Pop Brass

SY017. Orchestra Hits 1

SY018. Orchestra Hits 2

SY019. Bagpipes

SY020. Distorted Lead Gtr

SY021. PPG Metal

SY022. PPG Metal Tundra

SY023. PPG Cascade

SY024. LA Synth 1

SY025. LA Synth 2

SY026. Tine Wavescapes

SY027. Arp Bass

SY028. D50 Heaven Set

SY029. D50 Horn Pad/Strings

SY030. D50 Atmosphere

Floppies for
Retail Price

$20.00 each

Northstar Special
Any 5 disks
Any 5 banks (8 MB)

Credit Cards

All SY99 Banks are
16 bit format on
512k floppy disks.

All SY99 disks contain
16 programs designed
for use with existing
SY99 programs.

Northstar Productions SY99 Library is one of the finest.  Digitally transferred from Northstar's CD-ROM library for the Emulator III, Akai S-1000, Sample Cell and Emax II, these sounds are incredible.  Many of Northstar's sounds are furthered layered with the existing SY99 programs to expand the internal power of the machine.  Brilliant stereo vocals, fat basses, rich strings, sparkling synths and excellent brass compliment all your projects.  Already used by the top names in the music industry, Northstar's sounds will put your SY99 in a different category.

All samples have been direct sampled at 48 kHz or 44.1 kHz to DAT or the EIII, transferred to Sound Tools and finally through Alchemy to the SY99.  Each bank contains an average of 16 custom programs designed solely for the Yamaha SY99.

Contact Northstar for complete information, special pricing and shipping details.  Northstar accepts VISA, Discover, Amex and MasterCard, or Prepaid Check or Money Order.  (503) 760-7777