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Information and Rates

Northstar Recording Studios
13716 SE Ramona Street
Portland, OR 97236-4444  USA
Phone: 503-760-7777

Scott James Hybl, Clark Salisbury

Three studios

Multitrack machines/formats
ProTools (Digi 002 Rack); PARIS; Alesis ADAT XT20 20-bit, with BRC (ADAT/SMPTE controller); Otari MX80 24 or 32 tracks on 2" tape at 15 or 30 ips; Tascam 85-16 and 85-16B 1" 16 tracks with dbx at 15 ips; Tascam 80-8 1/2" 8 tracks with dbx at 15 ips

Studio A Console
Amek TAC Magnum 36 Channel with 32 bus; 72 inputs on mix, 4 band split EQ, 32 track JL Cooper V-Desk automation, 480 point TT patchbay

Studio B Console
Sound Workshop Series 30, fully sweepable EQ, 22 in/16 out, 300 point TT patch bay

Studio C Console
Ramsa WRT820 B, sweep EQ, 20 in/l6 out, 8 bus

Other Mixers
Alesis 12R 12-channel, Roland M-l20 12-channel, Tascam Model 1 8-channel

Studio A: UREI 809A, Yamaha NS-10M, Mackie HRS120 sub woofer; Studio B: JBL 4410A, Auratones; Studio C: Genelec 1029A, Bose Video-mate. Headphones: AKG 240DF, AKG 270 closed-ear, Sony CD950/750 high-output, Fostex, 20 assorted AKG, etc

Studio A: Alesis RA-300, Alesis RA-100 (2); Studio B: Stewart PA-1000, Rane HC-6

Neumann U87, Neumann KM84 (2), AKG SolidTube, Shure Beta 91,AKG D 112 (kick drum mics), AKG 414 B-TLII, AKG 414 B-ULS, AKG 414, AKG C410 headset mic, Beyerdynamic CK703, Beyerdynamic M 160 (ribbon), Microtech Gefell UM92S (tube), Shure SM94 (2), Sanken CMS-7 (MS stereo), Sanken CSS-5 (stereo shotgun), EPM650 (parabolic), Audio Technica 4033A, EV RE-27, EV RE-20, Shure SM 57 (6), Shure Unidyne 555 (2), Sennheiser 42l (4), Crown SASS (P) (stereo PZM)

Mic Preamps; Direct Boxes
Manley Voxbox microphone preamp, Focusrite Red Series stereo microphone preamp, Sontec MB-lA stereo microphone preamp; Cooper Tube Cube DI, Countryman Type 85 DI (2), Pro Co DI (6), Sescom DI, assorted Shure mic transformers, Symetrix SX203 telephone interface

Mixdown Recorders, Digital
Alesis MasterLink ML-9600, Panasonic SV-4100, SV-3800, SV-3700, SV-3500 DAT machines, Tascam DA-P1 and Technics SV-MD1 portable DAT machines, BIAS Peak, Sound Tools II Promaster 20 with Ultra Analog Converters, Sound Tools (2) with DAT I/O

CD Recorders
Alesis MasterLink ML-9600, Sony CDW-900E, Marantz CD620, CD615, and CDR500, Sony 2x2x6

Ampex ATR 800 1/4" two track with 30/15/7.5 ips with Dolby SR, Dolby A or dbx 180 noise reduction, Otari MX-5050B 1/4" two track, 15/7.5/3.75 ips with dbx noise reduction, plus four track repro head

Tascam l22, Sony TC-K611S, Technics and Akai Cassette decks, Marantz PMD 320 CD Player (Variable pitch with digital out), dbx dx-5 CD; Akai CD-52 CD player with digital out, Megatech direct drive turntable, Garrard turntable with 78 RPM stylus

Lexicon 300, Lexicon PCM 70, TC Electronic FireworX, Dynacord DRP10 Reverb, Roland SRV 2000 (2), Lexicon LXP-l, Alesis Midiverb II, Roland DEP-5, MicMix XL 305 spring reverb

Special Effects Processors
Antares AutoTune ATR1, Eventide UltraHarmonizer H3000, Eventide 949 Harmonizer, Aphex Aural Exciter B, BBE Sonic Maximizer, Lexicon Prime Time digital delay, Deltalab DL-5 Harmonicomputer, Roland SDE 1000 digital delay, Yamaha SPX-90, Wendel Jr. with all cards, H and K Cream Machine, Rockman Xl00, Fostex 3050 delay, Digitech Vocalist II, Digitech Studio Vocalist, Digitech GSP 2101 guitar effects processor, Line 6 Guitar Pod

Dynamics, Equalizers
UREI 1l76LN (2), UREI 7110 limiter, GML 8200 stereo parametric equalizer, TC Electronic Finalizer 96K, Aphex Dominator II, Drawmer DL251 limiter/stereo spectral compressor/limiter, Summit TLA 100-vacuum tube limiter, Behringer SNR 1000-2 channel single-ended noise reduction/expander, Behringer SNR 208-8 channel single-ended noise reduction, Presonus ACP 88 (8 channel compressor/gate), dbx 1066 Stereo compressor/limiter, dbx 263X de-esser(3), Drawmer MX50 de-esser, Valley People Dynamite, Aphex 612 stereo gate, USAudio 4-channel gate , dbx 463 gate, Symetrix Vocal Processors (2),dbx l63X limiter, dbx 180 noise reduction, Roland E66O digital parametric equalizer, Lexicon 2020 AD 20-bit digital converter, Alesis AI-1 digital converter, Dolby SR/A 2 track noise reduction, Roland Noise Suppressor, Burwen 2-channel noise filter, Peterson strobe tuner (2),Aphex Impulse triggers, Sycologic PSP triggers, Loftech sine wave generator, Symetrix SX203 Telephone Interface, Soar dual trace oscilloscope

Computers, software and drives
Macintosh G4 and G3 towers, PowerBooks, Pentium/Wintel with Windows XP; ProTools, PARIS, Bias Peak, Waves Gold TDM plugins, Logic Audio; DVD and CD burners, Fargo Signature CD printer; Legacy drives: Iomega 1 GB Removable Jazz Drive, 100 MB Zip drive, Pinnacle Sierra removable 1.3 GB magneto-optical drive, Mass Micro 45 meg removable drive, Pinnacle-Sierra 1.3 GB magneto-optical, Pinnacle 650 Magneto-Optical CD, Alliance Peripheral Systems 8, 4, 1.2 and 1 GB, 700 meg,  100 meg drives

Synchronizers, Sequencing
Adams Smith Zeta 3 synchronizer, JLCooper PPSlOO SMPTE, Alesis BRC controller, Jambox 4+, Roland CPE 800 Compu-Editor automation with SMPTE, Opcode Studio 5 Translator, Opcode Midi Translator II, EMagic Logic and Logic Audio, Opcode Vision, Roland MC-5OO and MC-500 MK II sequencers, MTC-77 midi tempo controller, Russian Dragon tempo/deviation indicator

Instruments, Samplers
Yamaha C7 7-foot 6-inch grand piano with MIDI'd Disklavier, Yamaha G3 6-foot grand piano, E-MU Emulator IV with 128 meg, E-MU EIIIXP 32 meg, E-MU ESI 32 meg sampler, E-MU Emulator III 8 meg samplers (2), Kurzweil K2O00 16 meg, E-MU Emax II Turbo 8 meg, Emax II, Emulator II, Emax I SE HD, E-MU SP-1200 drum machine, Proteus 1 XR, Proteus 2, Alesis QS8 88-note weighted synth, vintage Hammond B2 with Trek percussion and Leslie 122, E-MU Drumulator+, Oberheim DPX-1 sample player, Alesis HRl6 drum machine, Roland Dr Groove DR202, Digidesign SampleCell, Roland Jupiter 6 synth, Tama Techstar drums, Yamha DX7 with E!, Parker Fly Electric Guitar, Carvin doubleneck 12/6 string guitar, Rickenbacker electric guitar, Yamaha FB0l, Roland Sound Canvas, Gallien-Krueger 250ML guitar amplifier, Peavy Mark IV bass amp, Rhodes 73 piano, Yamaha FG 140 acoustic guitar, Gibson mandolin, wind chimes, hand percussion, etc.  Northstar may be able to obtain other instruments for you to rent

Sample and Sound FX Libraries
Northstar Gold Instrument and Sound FX EIII and EIV library, Roland Sample Libraries, Kurzweil Sample Libraries, Digidesign SampleCell Libraries, Akai S1000 Libraries, Emax I and II, EII libraries, Sound Ideas 2000, Hollywood Edge Premiere Edition, Valentino Sound FX, Dimension "D" Holophonic Sound FX, Hanna Barbera Library, Valentino VFX 1-4, Hollywood Edge Edge Edition, Hollywood Edge Animal Trax, Hollywood Edge Cartoon Trax, Warner Bros. FX, Platinum Sounds 21st Century Frank Serafine's Exclusive Sound Effects Library, Dimension Sound Effects-Holophonic 3D Sound Effects Library, Drumscapes Audio Drum CDs (Vol. 1-4)

Computer Programs and Software
ProTools, PARIS, Bias Peak, Final Cut Pro, Sound Tools with DINR (Digital Audio Editing with Intelligent Noise Reduction), Alchemy, Sound Designer, Digidesign Masterlist CD, Softsynth, Drum File, Hyperstudio, Performer, Quark Express, C-Mix, Microsoft Works, MacTopix, Pagemaker, Waves Q10 Equalizer, Jupiter Systems Infinity, Opcode Vision, QuickTopix, Finale, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe PhotoShop, Digital Session Log, Emagic Logic Audio, Steinberg VST 24 with declicker and denoiser, Steinberg ReCycle, Antares Autotune, Toast, etc

Studio Rates

Rates include one engineer and use of most analog musical instruments (instruments must be space-reserved).  All sessions must be paid for at the close of each session, unless previously arranged.

Studio A
ProTools (Digi 002 Rack), PARIS, ADAT; 2/8/16/24/32 Track, digital or analog
Basic Rate $65 Per Hour

Day Rate, 10 hours, no lock out, per day, prepaid. - $525.  With lock out - add $75 per day
Week Rate, lock out, six days, 1 engineer, 10 hour days, prepaid - $2,500

Studio B
ProTools (Digi 002 Rack), PARIS, ADAT
Basic Rate $55 Per Hour

Day Rate, 10 hours, no lock out, per day, prepaid. - $400

Studio C
Digital editing, CD mastering and prep.
$50 per hour

Location Recording
$75 per hour, plus expenses.

Includes one engineer.  Add $25 per hour for extra engineer


While Northstar tunes its pianos on a regular basis, there is no guarantee a certain instrument will be tuned prior to a specific session.  Northstar can have special tuning for a fee upon request

Instrument Setup
The setting up and miking of instruments, computers and sequencers constitutes use of the studio and will be billed as such. 

$35 per hour when not in conjunction with a specific recording session.  Otherwise, billed at the rate of the particular studio (A or B) in which the session occurs

Editing and mastering, $50 Per hour
Available software and hardware: Bias PEAK, Sound Soap and other plugins, Sound Designer II, TC Electronic Finalizer, Roland digital parametric EQ
Includes storage of media for two days.  $35 per day storage rental may apply after 2nd day

CD Recording and Burning
MasterList CD, MacTopix, QuickTopix, Toast, etc.  Includes three color ink-jet CD label

Sony CDW-900E Audio and CD-R Recorder
One CD-R - $100
2nd CD-R - $50
3rd+ CD-R -$25

Marantz 615 and 620 Audio CD Recorders
One song (up to 5 min.) - $10 [10+ CDs are priced at 50%]
Two songs (up to 10 min.) - $25 [10+ CDs are priced at 50%]
Three songs+ (up to 74 min.) - $35 [10+ CDs are priced at 50%]

Studio Policies

Recording Media
Northstar provides adequate hard drive space for client projects.  Files are not retained or archived at Northstar after conclusion of project.  Backup of files to CD-R or DVD-R is available.  Please call for details.

Northstar does not stock analog tape.  If booking analog sessions, please allow adequate lead time for Northstar to obtain it, or you may supply your own.  Please call for details.

All sessions that cancel with less than 24 hours notice to Northstar will be charged $25.

Payment policies
All charges for each session must be paid for at the conclusion of the session except by prior arrangement.  Northstar accepts check, cash or credit card.  For larger projects such as albums, we require a deposit equal to 50% of the project's total estimated cost, paid for in advance.  When actual charges exceed the total estimated cost by $500, all charges must be paid for recording to continue

Unpaid Balances
Any unpaid balance of charges are subject to 1.5% per month late fee

Dishonored Checks
Checks returned unpaid by your bank are subject to $35 fee

No recorded media can leave the studio unless all charges to date have been paid

The Client is the Producer
Unless the client has prior arrangements with Northstar's engineers to act as Producer, thereby providing production input, all decisions and approval of recorded material are the responsibility of the client.  It is therefore recognized that the client is the Producer. The client is thus responsible for adequacy, appropriateness of music style, performance, microphone/preamp choices, tape type, format and all use of outboard effects, reverbs, equalizers, limiters, instruments, and studio performers.  It is also recognized that it is the responsibility of the client to insure that final mixes are performed to his/her satisfaction. The engineer must in this case only respond to the values chosen by the producer.  Finally, payment of all arrangers, musicians, and contract labor are the responsibility of the client

lndependent Producers
Northstar can recommend a variety of independent producers to fit your specific project.  Production fees should be discussed with the individual producer.  Northstar Recording is not responsible for the quality of work by independent producers or engineers

Equipment Policies
Northstar will make every effort to prevent its own equipment failure, but assumes no liability for delays or charges caused by failure of Northstar equipment during sessions.  Northstar also assumes no liability for clients' equipment, other personal property, or audio tapes stored on the premises.  Client should take responsibility to insure his own tapes, recordings and equipment from loss or harm

-No smoking or illegal substances are allowed in the studio buildings
-Northstar provides no personal services, except rest rooms
-Since Northstar is near other residential buildings, please respect the privacy of others, especially when parking, driving down the street, and at night

Northstar maintains an extensive database of professional musicians, vocalists, arrangers, etc that will fit almost any style and budget.  Northstar can also make available contacts for various licensing and publishing organizations.  Consultation is free.  Though not affiliated with any manufacturers, we can refer you to any of several different companies for art, graphic design and manufacture of your CD, album or cassette

Northstar is located in southeast Portland in the residential countryside of Oregon, at the foot of Mt Hood, fifteen minutes south of the Portland International Airport.  Click here for a map.  You can type your address below the map, and obtain directions to Northstar

Partial Client List
Since opening in 1981, Northstar has sought to encourage and help all musicians in their endeavor to produce quality recordings and projects.  These are just a few of the many fine talented musicians that have worked at Northstar.  Please click on the underlined names to see their web sites:

Evie Haskell (Billy Smiley producing), Three Star Fix, Multnomah University "Destiny", INXS, Gorayeb Seminars, Mitchell John, The Kingsmen, Darrell Mansfield, The New Group, N'Touch, Nylon Joe, Michael Osborn, Portland Christian Center, Puddletown Ramblers, Quartango, Rescue, Mark Schulman, Mark Trethewey, Sandin Wilson, Pamela Rae, Ackerman & Daum "Silly Goose", KPTV Good Day Oregon, Megan Aldrich, Chet Himes, Tom Tipton, Gus Van Sant ("My Own Private Idaho"), Tracy Klas, Kenny Foote, Freeway, Nancy Bright, Mitchell John, Margi Boule, Brixa, Desperate Measures, Airwaves, Bobby Sims, Blue Line Max, Sinners and Saints, Scott James, CCQ, Bill Price, Versus, Sceptre, Level Up, Haven, Red Eye, Tenley Hollway, Ria, Graphic Media, U S WEST, Intel, Nike, Fred Meyer, US Bancorp, Shilo Inns, Lex Browning, Elwell Brothers, Todd Michaels, Diamond Edge, Jerry Hahn, Karen Howells, Cal Scott, Bonnie Knopf, The Dan Reed Network, Maureen Love, Dennis Agajanian, Greg Ives, Diller and Anderson Band, Glacier, Laden Saint, New Hope Baptist Church, Brian Idle, Last Call, Gecko Monks, Mikee, Tradgedy Ann, Vidamix, Romeo, Avia, The Challengers, Miles To Go, Divide and Konker, Cowboy Angels, 2x Noise, Janice Scroggins, Bill Bloomer, Singing Christmas Tree, Curt Norquist, Steve West, Toni Webber, Rushing Wind, Oily Bloodmen, Joel Weldon, MacKenzie River Band, Doug Frazier, Molly Frazier, Leslie Carter, Oregon Catholic Press/Simon Schuster, Marlo Hunter, Western Seminary, Oregon State University, Uncle Milt's, Banjo Beth, Dean Baskerville, Gary Hemmenway, Newsong Church, Tonya Harding, Greg and Linda Lewis, Steve Swanson, Sean Strong, Gary Ogan, Jason Satterlund, Alan Kuatt, Sprague Brothers, Jerry Harris, Bone Dry, Clay Drayton, Marcus Jones, Craig Bidondo, Bartholomew Hafeman, Sometimes Sunday, Sylvia's Ghost, Beater, Gospel Sons, Selena Bloom, Sappo, Glass Chunk, Grindstone, 40 Thieves, Cans For Kids, Suit Warehouse, Tendercare, Northside Ford, Speed's Towing, Lil' Things, Western Tool, Free Rain Records, Organic Records...

Because of its large original sample library, Northstar has also attracted the ear of other worldwide talent.  Some of our clients: Walt Disney, ABC, Guns 'N Roses, INXS, Phil Collins, Kerry Livgren, Kansas, Jim Keltner, Jason Miles, Karate Kid II, Frank Serafine, Luther Vandross, Miles Davis, Chaka Kahn, Marie Osmond, Alan Parsons, Chris Christian, Jimmy Bralower, Bobby Nathan, MTV, Days Of Our Lives, The Lawnmower Man, The Tommyknockers, Luden's Coughdrops, The Dove Bar, A&E, Saturday Morning, Inc., Skywalker Ranch, Barnum and Bailey, A&M, Twin Peaks, E-MU, Roland, Peavey, Alesis, Euphonics, Oberheim, Crystal Semiconductor, Rockwell International...

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