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Volume 3
Graham Lear's
Audio Sampling CD
Drum Performances in Song Form, Samples
Drum and Percussion Performances
 1. Latin Rock
 2. Django
 3. Salsa
 4. Guajira 
 5. Poderoso
 6. Bolero
 7. Mozambique
 8. 6/8ths Latin Rock
 9. Songo Fuego
10. Songo Funk
11. Gitano Snippet 
12. Tomengue Snippet
13. Alto Bajo Snippet
14. Abajo Uno Snippet
15. Anticipacion Snippet
Drum and Percussion Samples
16. Latin Rock Drum Samples
17. Latin Rock Percussion Samples
18. Latin Rock Perc Performances
19. Django Drum Samples
Drum and Percussion Samples
20. Django Percussion Samples
21. Django Perc Performances 
22. Salsa Drum Samples
23. Salsa Percussion Samples
24. Salsa Perc Performances
25. Guajira Drum Samples
26. Guajira Percussion Samples
27. Guajira Perc Performances
28. Poderoso Drum Samples
29. Poderoso Percussion Samples
30. Poderoso Perc Performances
31. Bolero Drum Samples
32. Bolero Perc Performances
33. Mozambique Drum Samples 
34. Mozambique Percussion Samples
35. Mozambique Perc Performances
36. 6/8ths Latin Rock Drum Samples
37. Songo Fuego Drum Samples
38. Songo Funk Drum/Perc. Samples

Northstar's newest audio sampling CD, Latin Rock Drumscapes features the famed drummer and percussionist of the supergroup, Santana. Latin Rock Drumscapes includes performances from drummer Graham Lear & the incredible Latin percussionist Orestes Vilato. This third volume in the Drumscapes series contains 10 complete songs, with extra performance drum snippets, as well as 700 individual drum and percussion samples, all digitally recorded and license free.  Each of the 10 stereo drum performances contains 9 sections: Intro, Verse 1 and 2, Verse 1B and 2B, Chorus 1, 2, 3 and Bridge, in complete song form for song writers.  This also allows producers to digitally edit any section and "loop" it with a sampler or restructure the song.  In addition, Latin Rock Drumscapes contains samples of each drum hit.  Once the stereo rhythm section is complete, the song can be layered with bass, keyboard, guitars, vocals... it's your song!  We've also thrown in some extra short snippets for looping.

Latin Rock Drumscapes is sold without license or royalty, however the simple acknowledgement of its use on a project is required.  So now you have the perfect rhythm track for songwriters, producers, instrumentalists and even drummers.

Latin Rock Drumscapes is available only on Audio CD for $89.95. 

Click Purchase This Title, or contact Northstar for complete information and shipping details.  Northstar accepts VISA/Mastercard/Amex/Discover, check or money order. (503) 760-7777.