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     Introduced in 1991, the Drumscapes series of audio CDs contains only drums.  Remember the old "Music Minus One" series of albums, where a certain instrument was missing, so that you could play along with the record?  Think of Drumscapes as "One Minus Music", where the "one" is the drums, playing the whole song, including intro, verses, choruses, bridges, turnarounds, fills, fadeouts, the whole thing.  There are dozens of songs of various formats, including various rock, country, R&B, ballads, and rap.  The drums are fully mic'd and mixed with reverb, and played by real drummers Mark Schulman, Brian David Willis, and Graham Lear, as if they were being included in a full song mix.
     Besides the songs, each CD contains all the various drum hits as they were played in each song, so that you can sample anything from the individual hits to the whole song, for your project.
     Drumscapes come license-free, so the money you invest in the CDs is the only money you'll spend to use them.  We ask only that you credit Northstar Productions' Drumscapes. 

Audio Sampling CDs
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Drumscapes Vol 1

Drumscapes Vol 2 -
Son of Drumscapes

Drumscapes Vol 3 -
Graham Lear's Latin Rock

Dancescapes Vol 1

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Drumscapes Vol 1 -

Drumscapes Vol 1 -
Roland S770